Does ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Star Emma Johnston Have A Boyfriend?

Over the years, 7 Little Johnstons fans watched Emma Johnston closely to see if she had a boyfriend. Sometimes, she claimed emphatically, that she didn’t. Meanwhile, on other occasions, she stayed mysterious and teased TLC fans. Now, fans talk about a boy in her life, is it anything serious?

Emma Johnston Seemed Disinterested In Boyfriends

It’s not that the adopted daughter of Trent and Amber hates boys. Rather, she seems to enjoy their friendly company. She got along well with Joose, the teen from Finland who stayed with the family. And, she hangs out with boys when the family goes to the Little People Conference each year. Maybe she prefers to get her education behind her before she gets too serious with a relationship.

Joose Jeskanen- 7 Little Johnstons - YouTube
Joose Jeskanen – 7 Little Johnstons – YouTube

This time last year, Emma Johnston and Alex went to their junior prom, and she looked stunning but joked because she went to her prom with a girl cousin. Of course, Alex went with Allie Smith. However, there seem to be some clues that they might have split recently. Fans saw that the TLC star couldn’t cope well with separation in his long-distance relationship. Additionally, there were no photos of Allie at this year’s senior prom.


7 Little Johnstons Fans Spot Emma With A Boy Who Looks Like Alex

In 2022, TLC fans thought that a guy named Lucca Rannigan might date Emma. Actually, she seemed interested in him more than any other boy. After they met at a Little People of America conference, she gushed about him on the 7 Little Johnstons show. However, not much more was heard about the boy from California for a while.

Emma Johnston with Lucca - Instagram
Emma Johnston with Lucca – Instagram

In January this year, Lucca popped up on Emma Johnston’s social media again. This post came when he celebrated a birthday, and she shared a cozy photo of them. Now that she and Alex attended their senior prom, is it possible that she went with Lucca? Well, it seems that it might be someone else who went to the prom with Emma. And he looks a lot like her brother Alex.

TLC Fans See A Likeness – Is He A Boyfriend?

On prom night, the @Johns7on Family account on Facebook posted some photos of Alex and his sister. And, the likeness between Alex and the boy with Emma got some reactions. There was no caption with the photos, but one 7 Little Johnstons fan wrote:

Beautiful pictures. Her date looks like her brother. Lol. I was confused for a moment.

Other fans agreed that they also felt a bit confused initially. Meanwhile, others wondered who he was:

  • You all look great! Where is Ali and who is Emma’s friend?
  • Who is that with emma????
  • Absolutely gorgeous and handsome! Hope you had a great time!

Well, Emma Johnston seems to be keeping the identity of her prom night date to herself for now. What are your thoughts? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your 7 Little Johnstons news.

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