LPBW: Amy Roloff Reveals The Future Of The Show! Spills Major Info

LPBW: Amy Roloff Reveals The Future Of The Show! Spills Major Info

LPBW Season 24 wrapped up in January 2023. Since then, viewers have been skeptical if their all-time favorite show would return or not.

Evidently, it is one of the longest-running shows in the reality realm. So, fans are really invested in the storyline of the Roloff family and love to watch them. However, as per the current scenario, TLC hasn’t confirmed the renewal of the series.

But it seems that Amy might have given a spoiler to her fans and spilled details about the future of Little People Big World. This is because she has “confirmed” she is shooting these days!

Amy Roloff Confirms She Is Shooting For LPBW?

Lately, fans have been wondering if LPBW would even return for Season 25 or not. As per the current scenario, except Zach, every star kid has decided to withdraw from their family show.

Amy and Matt are also busy with their partners. So intially, several viewers thought that maybe the reality show was close to its end. However, recently Amy Roloff dropped a major hint related to the future of Little People Big World.


Recently, Amy took to Instagram and shared a snap from her Oregon home where the entire filming crew was present. A man and a woman were featured dealing with a “computer screen” that had several “cables” attached to it.

In the picture, her dog, Daisy, was sleeping in her bed just in front of the camera. Amy revealed that her dog tends to lie in front when she is doing an “interview” with her husband, Chris.

Though she didn’t mention for whom she was actually interviewing, fans were sure that it was for LPBW.

There is a fair chance that Amy’s interview was nothing but the “confessional segment” of LPBW. Every member is supposed to film these as per the show’s requirements.

Hence, fans expect the network to announce the premiere date of the show soon.

LPBW: Family Members Confirm Shooting For Their Family Show

Amy Roloff wasn’t the first one who hinted at shooting for LPBW. Several family members also let the cat out earlier and confirmed that the reality show would surely return for Season 25.

Recently, Tori posted a picture in which Zach stood on the roof of his new shop. In that snap, cameras, and mics were clearly visible. This made it clear that the construction of their new shop would also be a part of the show.


On the other hand, Matt’s recent post also hinted at the same. He took to Instagram and shared some snaps of his farm in the middle of a snowfall.

Some eagle-eyed users were quick to notice that one of the shots featured heavy camera equipment. Though Matt also didn’t exclusively claim that he was filming for the upcoming season, fans were sure about it.

Hence, it is possible that the new construction of the Roloff farms will also be a part of Season 25. Fans are eagerly waiting for TLC to announce the renewal now. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest LPBW tea.

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