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General Hospital fans tell ‘selfish’ Kristina to ‘take a seat’ as she butts heads with Josslyn

General Hospital fans told “selfish” Kristina to “take a seat” as she angrily butt heads with Josslyn after eavesdropping on a conversation she was having about her father Sonny.

During Friday’s episode of General Hospital, tensions rose between Kristina and Josslyn at the diner as Kristina angrily inserted herself into a conversation Josslyn was having with Carly about Sonny. During their talk, Josslyn was venting about how worried she was over her ex-boyfriend Dex joining the Port Charles police force in fear that his ex-boss Sonny would retaliate for leaving the mob.

While Joss let her frustrations out to Carly, she said: “Dex should be able to do whatever he wants to do but he can’t because of Sonny. The FBI should be investigating Sonny and they should put him away in jail for the end of time like he deserves.” After overhearing their discussion from her table in the diner, Kristina shot up and said to Joss: “Heard you were talking trash about my dad.”

Fans took Joss' side in the fight

Fans took Joss’ side in the argument as she holds him accountable for his crimes

To which Joss quipped back: “In a private conversation.” To which Kristina boldly responded: “Your voice carried. You might want to walk that back.” But Joss firmly stood her ground as she responded: “Why would I want to do that?”

Kristina then went on to remind Joss of her past with her father, Jasper Jacks, calling her an “ingrate” for her lack of gratitude towards her dad who raised Joss in his house while she was growing up. To which Joss clarified that she was a child at the time and “had to live there” because he was her step-father.

And while Kristina accused Joss of “tearing him down behind his back”, Joss said she would happily say it all to his face and has done so before. Kristina then went on to list off all the good deeds that her father has done – like donate a wing to a hospital – to which Joss sarcastically asked where the money came from. After a heated back and worth Joss ended the conversation and said: “I know that your father is a vicious thug and a murderer.”

Kristina passionately defended her father Sonny

Kristina guilt-tripped Joss for not being more grateful to her father for raising her (Image: ABC)

General Hospital fans took to X, formerly Twitter, sharing their thoughts on the vicious spat with viewers overwhelmingly siding with Joss in the feud. One fan wrote: “Hey Kristina, last time I checked you don’t own Bobbie’s. If you don’t like the conversation in there then leave. It’s open to the public, but private property. Also, you’re dad is a mob boss, so take a seat.” Another added: “I like Joss’s hatred of Sonny. She doesn’t see the pedestal everyone seems to put him on. Not every resident of Port Charles needs to adore Sonny. He is a criminal.”

And a third wrote: “Joss needs to keep her foot on Sonny’s neck. Sonny has harmed ALL his children & Carly’s children too. Kristina only hates Sonny when he does something to her which she used to rip into him. But when he hurts others she don’t give a damn. She’s acts like a selfish 2 yr since young.”


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