LPBW: Amy Admits Matt & Caryn Will Affect Her Until The Day She Dies!

Amy and Matt Roloff had tied the knot in 1987. Then, in the early 2000s, they began showcasing their family on the farm on Little People Big World. Little did they know that the LPBW couple would call it quits by 2017 and be with separate partners. In recent years, the show has documented Matt with Caryn and Amy with Chris. While it’s been many years since their divorce, things still remain awkward.

Matt and Amy often have to hang out with one another despite being exes to film the show. Many would say they should be normal about it by now. But that’s not the case. In fact, Amy took to her confessional in the recent episode to say that the awkwardness between them all continues to exist. Moreover, she was sure that it wouldn’t ever fade away. Why did Amy say so?

Little People Big World LPBW

LPBW: Amy Finds Working With Caryn ‘Awkward’

Amy Roloff has come a long way since the time she debut on LPBW. She got a divorce from Matt and also found Chris Marek. Together they are very happy. But the star still feels awkward working with her ex Matt and his partner, Caryn. In a new epiosde, she explained how working with the latter was “awkward.” She explained how her and Matt’s situation will affect her until the day she dies.

Matt mentioned how he and Caryn let Amy be in charge of a silent auction at the farm. They were all working together for a fundraiser with the DAAA, or Dwarf Athletic Association of America. Hence, things had been quite busy and hectic. Matt mentioned how Caryn and Amy had different working styles. The former was very list-oriented, while his ex functioned in a “haphazard” manner.

Roloff admitted that he and his fiancee were playing a supporting role while Amy was mostly doing the work for the event. The latter also expressed how they were all working together. She expected Matt and Caryn to bring in more items than she had expected, but she was happy about them bringing in people, too. Amy said her LPBW ex was also getting a whole barn ready for the fundraiser.

LPBW: Amy Makes A Funny Comment After Looking At Caryn’s Ring!

It finally happened! Everyone in the LPBW fanbase was curious about how Amy would react to Matt and Caryn’s engagement. Well, the previous episode finally showcased it. It had the star immediately as her ex’s future wife, “Let’s see the ring.” The camera showed Matt holding his breath and saying, “Uh oh.”

But after observing the ring for a while, Amy happily said it was “very pretty” and made a hilarious comment. She asked Caryn how the “second half of life is always better.” The latter also smiled wide at the joke. The former said that she was okay despite Matt being her ex as long as they didn’t get nitty gritty and personal.

Do you think Amy will act out later when it comes to Matt and Caryn? Or will their event go smoothly? Tell us in the comments below. Meanwhile, keep an eye on TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest LPBW updates.

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