LPBW: Matt Roloff Shows Support For Zach’s Last-Minute Surgery! Farm Feud Over?

LPBW: Matt Roloff Shows Support For Zach’s Last-Minute Surgery! Farm Feud Over?

Matt and Zach Roloff have starred in Little People Big World ever since the first episode premiered in 2006. While the rest of the family members left at a point, Zach, Matt, and Amy’s families are still a part of the show.

However, the last two seasons had the father-son duo falling out. Apparently, Zach had an interest in carrying on the family’s legacy. But the LPBW patriarch refused to settle the land deal with him as his son wasn’t a good fit for such a responsibility.

So, both of them got bitter towards each other, refusing to make peace. However, Matt Roloff has finally shown his support for Zach. Does this mean that the family feud is finally over? Keep reading to know more details about this.

Little People Big World LPBW

LPBW: Matt Is Praying For Zach Before His Surgery! Shows Support To Imply Feud Is Over?

Matt and Zach Roloff showcased their family feud in the last two Little People Big World seasons. As mentioned above, the family members couldn’t see eye to eye regarding the future of Roloff Farms.

As a result, Zach moved to Washington with his family into a new home. There were strains in the father-son relationship after the property deal fell through. Zach had also mentioned in his confessional that he had no intentions of forgiving his father.

On the other hand, Matt Roloff believed that his son would eventually come to him to make peace. But no such thing happened, and their bond continued to deteriorate.


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However, Matt Roloff did something unexpected in his latest Instagram post. Well, his daughter-in-law Tori Roloff had earlier mentioned that her husband, Zach, would be undergoing surgery soon.

So, the Roloff patriarch also made a sweet post on his feed for his son. In it, he was sitting with his babies, Jackson and Lilah, helping them unbox Christmas presents. Matt ensured that the “family” had been in constant “contact” and “communication.”

Matt mentioned they were all “praying” for Zach as he had to undergo an operation. He also said that his son was in “good hands” with his wife, Tori Roloff, taking good care of him. At last, he also asked the LPBW fans to pray for the family members.

They also showed support for Zach by sending their thoughts and good wishes in the comments section.

LPBW: Tori Talks About Zach’s Surgery! Will He Be Okay?

Before Matt Roloff made a post on his Instagram, Zach’s wife Tori was the one who told the LPBW audience about his sudden surgery. She apologized to her fans first for leaving them hanging.

Then, the young mother mentioned that they suddenly found out her husband, Zach, had been in need of shunt repair and would be going under the knife soon. She also got vulnerable after a point while saying sharing this news made her “nervous.”

But the castmate strongly believed in “prayers” and stated the family could use some during such a tense time. The mother of three mentioned that it was a “routine” surgery, but it was far from her routine. But she trusted the doctors and their “ability” and “knowledge.”

Little People Big World LPBW


As per hopkinsmedicine.org, a shunt is a hollow passage in the brain meant to drain the cerebrospinal fluid. It is placed there “surgically.”

However, Tori shared no further details about her husband’s well-being. So, the audience was concerned about the castmate’s health. But they also understood that the family must be distraught right now.

Hence, they didn’t prefer sharing too many details. Many LPBW fans took to the comments section to express their honest prayers and wish the best for Zach Roloff. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest LPBW updates.

LPBW Update Now: Tori Begs For Prayers As Zach Undergoes Emergency Surgery!

Zach and Tori Roloff have become one of the biggest celebrities to come out of the show Little People Big World. So, when their show is not airing on TV, they still want to be in the loop about the latest updates from the family.

The famous wife has the most followers and often posts a lot on her social media. While most of Tori’s posts are all about her cute kids, this time, things were different. She made a post asking fans to pray for her husband. Apparently,

Zach Roloff is due for an unexpected surgery. Therefore, the fanbase grew concerned for the entire family. What happened to him? Is Zach going to be okay? Keep reading to know all the details about this.

LPBW: Tori Says Zach Is Going To Undergo Surgery Soon! Asks Fans To Pray For Him

The latest Little People Big World Season 24 came to an end in January 2023. Since then, Zach and Tori have still been in the public eye because of various things.

At first, Tori announced that the family’s time on the show was nearing the end. Then, they went to Disneyland for an ideal family getaway. However, after all the good, memorable moments, something unfortunate happened.

Tori took to her social media to reveal that her husband, Zach, requires surgery. Out of all of Matt and Amy Roloff’s kids, Zach was the one who was born with dwarfism. Hence, the LPBW castmate has undergone multiple surgeries over the years for health-related reasons, and this time, it’s no different.

Little People Big World LPBW


Tori Roloff took to her social media to give a brief about her husband. She stated that Zach had to go under the knife for “shunt repair.” As per hopkinsmedicine.org, a shunt is a hollow passage in the brain that is surgically placed to drain cerebrospinal fluid.

Hence, she asked the LPBW fans to pray for her. While their doctors revealed that it was “routine” surgery, it was “far from” Tori’s routine. Hence, she was nervous and wanted her followers and supporters to send the family good vibes and heartfelt prayers.

While the fans were concerned about Zach and wanted to know more about his health, his wife didn’t reveal much. In any case, the viewers showed their support for the family with sincere blessings and prayers.

LPBW: Jackson Underwent Surgery Too! Corrected The Bowing In His Legs

The Roloffs, apart from showing their everyday life on the show, is also raising awareness about dwarfism. Apart from Matt and Amy, Zach and Tori’s all three kids are also living with the same condition. As a result, the LPBW couple’s eldest son, Jackson, had to undergo surgery for his legs.

The little one’s legs were bowing as he continued to grow old. Therefore in one of the episodes, the 4-year-old’s surgery was the main focus. It was an emotional segment for the fans as they had seen Jackson grow up in front of them through the show.

His mother, Tori, also looked very nervous when the staff took him to the operating theatre.


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Tori Roloff then made a post on her Instagram. She assured the fans that the surgery went well. The young mother also commended her son for being mature for his age and very “resilient.”

All the family members from the Roloff family also took to the comment section to bless the youngster. Well, the surgery happened in the year 2021, and a lot of time has passed since the little one had to undergo one of the most important surgeries of his life.

However, things are going well for the little one, and the viewers often see the young boy happily running and jumping around in Tori Roloff’s Instagram posts. Keep checking TV Season & Spoilers for more LPBW updates.

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