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Baby No. 4? ‘LPBW’ Stars Zach and Tori Roloff Discuss the Possibility of Expanding Their Family

Baby No. 4? Little People, Big World stars Zach and Tori Roloff recently welcomed Josiah Luke in April 2022, but are the pair already looking to expand their family?

“We’re probably done after this,” Zach, 32, said in a conversation with Entertainment Tonight. “He’s been great.”

“Pretty straightforward kid,” Tori, 31, added but not without leaving some hope for a new addition. “It’s been harder to say that though, it’s harder to like … [to say,] ‘We’re done,’ because he’s been so easy. I’m like, ‘Oh, maybe we could do one more.’”

Now a family of five, Josiah joins his siblings, Jackson, 5, and Lilah 2. “Going from one to two was way harder than going from two to three,” the photographer continued. “We were nervous, especially with J because he was not really accepting of Lilah when she was born.”

Zach and Tori Roloff Kids Guide: Meet Their 3 Children Jackson, Lilah and Josiah
Courtesy of Tori Roloff/Instagram

Noting that her two children love to help out with their new little brother, Tori added, “They bring his Binky. Lilah’s really concerned that he has his diaper changed. And he’s eating.”

The pair recently celebrated Jackson’s fifth birthday and were surrounded by family, including Zach’s father, Matt Roloff, with whom he is currently in an ongoing feud.

“Babies and birthdays and everything do create opportunities to bring everyone together,” Zach discussed of the situation with his father. “A lot of hurt feelings have happened over everyone. We’re not innocent in all this either.”

It was only a week prior Zach publicly slammed Matt on Instagram after the Against All Odds author shared his reasoning for putting 16 acres of the Roloff family farm for sale, instead of passing it on or selling the portion to his adult children.

Zach called it a “shocking new low of cowardice and manipulation” at the time, but the father-son duo seem to be working on healing their relationship.

“We’re family, we’ve had a discussion since that all happened on social media, I think it should’ve never been put on social media to begin with,” Zach said of the feud. “Now, we’ve moved on.”

The father of three added, “The whole family built the equity of that place and built it to what it is. But it’s not any of our calls but my dad’s. That’s his call, which is fine. I wish it maybe was played out a little bit more honest leading up to it. I have my own family to focus on.”

While Zach shut down any possibility of a joint sale of the farm between the siblings, the new parents are focused on their future.

“It would’ve been nice, but it’s not our call,” Zach continued. “Jackson starts kindergarten next year, full-time. Lilah, she’s getting potty trained and she’s talking more and becoming a girl with her own personality. And then now, we have Josiah here. So, Tori and me are just focused on our kids and, yeah, what we want to do for the next decade of our life.”

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