LPBW: Tori Roloff Shows Off Jackson’s New Talent!

Jackson is the eldest son of Tori and Zach Roloff. The Little People Big World fans have seen the young boy growing up on the TV screens. The LPBW fans have a very special bond with Jackson. After all, he is the couple’s firstborn child. Fans have also watched his struggles with bowed legs due to dwarfism. Jackson went under the knife when he was just 4 for the same.

The little boy has faced a lot of pain since he was born. Jackson’s leg is still a big concern for the TLC audience. Yet, he doesn’t let anything take away his spirit to live an amazing life. Tori loves showing off her son’s new milestones on social media. Recently, she introduced another talent of her oldest son to the audience.

Little People Big World LPBW

LPBW: Tori Feels Proud After Showcasing Jackson’s New Talent!

Little People Big World first introduced Jackson to the audience as soon as he was born. Fans loved to watch the little boy spending time on the Roloff Farms. Tori’s oldest son became a fan-favorite in a short time. The LPBW audience loves getting new updates about the little boy as he is growing rapidly.

They are well aware of Jackson’s love for soccer and other sports. Moreover, he keeps trying plenty of other activities. Recently, Tori shared another new talent of her oldest son on Instagram. She took to Instagram to share a new video of Jackson playing the zither beautifully. In the clip, Jackson sported a Nike jacket while playing the instrument.


He kept the Zither on a table and started showing off his new talent confidently. Jackson appeared quite happy to learn to play the new instrument. Meanwhile, Tori cheered up her son after he played a tune as she was proud of him. The LPBW star wrote, “Did you have any of these as a kid?” Further, she expressed how much she loves watching her son learn new things in life.

Fans were quite happy to see Jackson’s enthusiasm for learning new things and being so confident about them. They know how much music helps in teaching the kids about patience and creativity. Now, the followers are thinking of the possibility of Jackson being equally passionate about music, apart from his love for sports.

LPBW: Tori Burst Into Laughter After Watching Jackson Falling On Snow!

Tori Roloff likes sharing some lighthearted and positive content on social media. Fans love to watch her little kids embark on new journeys. The LPBW celeb has been sharing a lot of updates on her kids enjoying the snowfall in Washington. Recently, she shared a funny video of her son, Jackson, struggling to walk on the ice.


However, he slipped and fell down while Tori recorded him from behind. The latter started laughing from the background, and Jackson quickly rose up and went back. Several fans shared their thoughts on Jackson’s new video and found it funny.

However, a lot of fans lashed out at the mom of three for being so careless with her kids.

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