LPBW: Amy Roloff Hints She’s Facing Marital Issues With Chris Marek Now!

Amy Roloff is by far one of the most liked Little People Big World cast members. After Matt and Zach’s very public farm feud on LPBW, the matriarch is the only neutral cast member. Due to this, viewers love getting a glimpse of her sorted and drama-free life even when she is not shooting for the show. Her bond with her husband, Chris Marek, is admired by many.

It was in 2021 that Amy said “I do” to Chris Marek. They had been dating for a couple of years since her divorce from Matt in 2017. Everyone was happy for the star as they had seen her be miserable in her marriage earlier. But things have changed now. There have been some hints that imply Amy has been having issues in her second marriage, too. What’s wrong?

Little People Big World LPBW

LPBW: Amy Has Stopped Using Chris’ Surname In Official Documents!

While Amy married Chris in 2021, she would still go by Amy Roloff. Everyone used to be curious as to why she didn’t use her new surname, “Marek,” but some fans explained this at that time. They believed Roloff must be the name that Amy officially used since she became a reality TV celebrity. Hence, it must’ve been easy to go by that instead of adding Marek.

But documentation from December 5 about the star’s annual business report revealed that she used the name “Amy J Roloff-Marek.” In fact, it was the name she was going by in official paperwork of any kind. But as per Thesun, another business report paperwork has come into the limelight from her Annual Report for Amy Roloff Enterprises.

Little People Big World LPBW

The documentation was from December 30. In it, the LPBW celebrity simply went by “Amy J Roloff.” After seeing this, viewers were in a fix. They could see how she snubbed her husband by not using his surname. Could it be that the couple is having issues on a serious level? Moreover, Amy’s friend Lisa is a “registered agent” in her business.

Amy’s cooking show often features her husband, Chris Marek, making an appearance and tasting her recipes. Despite being such a frequent participant in her cooking series, he has not made the list as a “member of the company.” But these are merely speculations among fans. Neither Amy nor Chris have confirmed if they are facing marriage troubles or not.

LPBW: Amy Still Doing Business With Ex Matt But Not Chris!

Viewers found it very fishy how Chris Marek was not a part of any of Amy’s businesses. After all, they have been a married couple for almost 3 years now. But another documentation revealed something very shocking yet again. Back when Amy and Matt were together, they had many businesses under their name while running the Roloff Farms.

Little People Big World LPBW

One of Amy and Matt’s businesses was R Pumpkin Products, Inc., which was meant to sell “Pumpkin BBQ, salsa, and other food products.” Shockingly, they are still business partners in the same! While the former is the “president,” her ex-husband is the “secretary.” This revelation has been quite baffling for LPBW fans, considering how they are not on good terms with each other.

Do you think Amy has been having issues with Chris, and it is getting reflected in her business decisions? Will the couple speak about the same on the show? Tell us how you feel about this in the comments below.

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