LPBW: Audrey Is Being Too Cruel On Her Kids For Social Media Content?

Jeremy Roloff’s wife, Audrey Roloff, was also a part of the show Little People Big World. But the couple ended up quitting together after the birth of their first child. The LPBW pair has three kids, one daughter, and two sons. And then, in November 2023, Audrey announced she was pregnant again.

Fans congratulated the pair, and everyone celebrated. Audrey has been sharing updates about her life and pregnancy on her social media. She also posted a new video for a special occasion, but the fans focused on something else and weren’t happy.


LPBW: Fans Criticise Audrey As Discards Her Kids’ Comfort

Audrey Roloff has been a mom for some time now. She has three kids and will soon be adding another one to her bunch. So you’d think she would prioritize her kids’ comfort and safety as any regular mom. But that might not be the case with her. In fact, as evident from a previous Instagram video, Auj might forgo the above things for content.

Roloff had previously posted a video of her kids playing in the snow. But the real star of the show was the ATV pulling the sled. Fans criticized Audrey for the dangerous activity. And just when we thought she might have learned her lesson, she posted another video where her kids come off as being uncomfortable again. The LPBW star had posted her gender reveal video on Instagram.

In Audrey’s Friday video clip, the whole family, with the kids, went outside in the rainy weather to know the new baby’s gender. Audrey was in a bohemian dress, which emphasized her bump. Both the parents-to-be shot huge cannons, which released pink smoke, indicating the baby was a girl.

Fans were happy about the baby but were more concerned about the other kids. The fans expressed their worries on Reddit, writing that the kids’ clothes might not have been warm enough for the freezing weather.

One Little People Big World fan commented that the kids looked “miserable.” Another added that they looked like they were “freezing.” Some LPBW fans were angry at Audrey, writing that the need for Internet fame “blinded” Audrey to her kids’ “needs.”

LPBW: Poor Bode Looks “Miserable,” Audrey Continues To Film

Audrey Roloff loves putting pictures of her kids on social media. The star likes to share their ‘cute’ shenanigans on Instagram. However, the fans worry more about the kids’ comfort and happiness in her uploads. And Audrey’s Valentine’s Day videos worried fans as they thought poor Bode looked “miserable” in them.

Little People Big World star Audrey had uploaded videos of her three kids on Instagram for Valentine’s Day. In the clip, the trio was sitting squished together on a big chair. They were smiling, and Ember held her newborn brother Radley, who had his feet on Bode’s lap.

Ember laughed, tickling Radley’s feet, while Bode gave a small smile. And though it was a cute video, LPBW fans couldn’t help but think Bode might have forced his smile. In the following clip, Bode was frowning as Radley lay fully on his lap and Ember snuggled Bode.

Little People Big World

In the last clip, Ember reached over to hug both her brothers. Audrey captioned the videos as “too much love for the squish,” wishing everyone a “Happy Valentine’s Day.” While the video was cute, fans thought Bode wasn’t enjoying it. They pitied and empathized with the poor kid.

Many fans commented on Reddit that they “hate(d)” the videos. Some even emphasized that Bode wasn’t enjoying and was uncomfortable.

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