LPBW’ Caryn Chandler’s Son, Connor, Overdosed Multiple Times?

Little People, Big World star, Caryn Chandler had some problems with Connor, her son and now it’s been claimed that he overdosed and ended up hospitalized many times. Previous problems for Matt Roloff’s fiance came in 2021 when he pleaded guilty after his arrest in 2020 for threatening behavior towards his mom. It’s not clear if the confrontation involved any drug addiction. issues.

TLC Star Caryn Chandler Became A Grandmother

Soon after the arrest of Connor, the LPBW star became a grandmother to baby Liam. Since his arrival in August of 2021, his grandmother shared a few photos of him on her social media. However, pictures of Connor are few and far between. Judging by spoilers for the TLC show that Connor made to the media, he seems to be on speaking terms with his mom now, but not with his baby mama, Ashley Washam.

Caryn Chandler, Ashley, Connor - Credit Tori Roloff Photography - Instagram
Caryn Chandler, Ashley, Connor – Credit Tori Roloff Photography – Instagram

When Caryn Chandler put her Portland home on the market, her son Connor had moved into the house after he split from Ashley However, The Sun noted that he is “now set for pastures new.” Wherever he goes, he might not get to take his son Liam with him. That’s because his ex wants full-time custody of her little boy.

LPBW Fans Hear About  Drug Overdoses

Already, court information revealed that Ashley claims she’s afraid to let Connor be alone with her son, Liam. TLC fans heard that she alleged that his “erratic and unsafe behavior” frightens her. Now, according to a new report by The Sun, court documents reveal that Ashley Washham alleged that Connor “was hospitalized twelve times for overdosing.” Additionally, the court hearing memorandum about Caryn Chandler’s son stated:

Father also has/had a drug addiction with Xanax, an addiction that he claims he gave up when he turned eighteen. Mother also used to have a drug addiction to Xanax, but stopped using it before she became pregnant with Liam.

Connor's Son Liam - Caryn Chandler Instagram
Connor’s Son Liam – Caryn Chandler Instagram

Little People, Big World fans can only wonder what Caryn Chandler feels about the custody fight. Did she know her son allegedly overdosed so many times? Perhaps hospital records reveal some sad news for the LPBW star. For now, she stays quiet, but she probably feels pain. After all, Liam’s arrival didn’t lead to a happy ending for her son.

What are your thoughts about Caryn Chandler’s son Connor allegedly ending up hospitalized more than 10 times after overdosing? Do you feel sad for him and his mom? Did you know that his ex-girlfriend Ashley Washam fights a custody war with him over their little boy, Liam? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here often for more Little People, Big World news.

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