‘LPBW‘ Fans Beg Amy Roloff To Handle Her Hair

‘LPBW‘ Fans Beg Amy Roloff To Handle Her Hair

LPBW (Little People, Big World) fans are begging Amy Roloff to handle her hair. A recent video drew attention to an issue she’s been having, and now, fans can’t stop talking about it. What’s going on with Amy’s hair these days?

Amy Roloff shares another cooking video.

If you follow Amy on Instagram, you know that she’s often posting new videos of herself cooking. She prepares many different foods, from sweet treats to delicious dinners. Fans enjoy seeing what she’s whipping up on any given day.

Not all of her cooking content is well-received by fans though. Some wish she wouldn’t talk with her mouth full. Others are worried about cleanliness. Despite all of the negative comments, she continues filming cooking videos and shares them on Instagram.

Amy Roloff - Instagram

Amy Roloff – Instagram

In a new Instagram post this week, Amy shared a new video of herself in the kitchen. This time, she whipped up a pork noodle bowl. She explained to her viewers that this is an easy dish to make with leftover meat. She described the meal as “SO comforting.”

You can watch Amy Roloff’s newest video below.


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LPBW fans beg her to handle her hair.

In the video, you might have noticed that Amy Roloff’s hair is all over the place. It’s not neat and brushed into place. Several fans think Amy should have taken the time to fix herself up a bit before filming the video. One fan wrote, “Nice hair.” They added an eye-roll emoji to show that they are being sarcastic.

Others have never seen Amy’s hair looking so out of place, so some are wondering if she might be sick. A few fans think it’s time for her to start wearing a hair net in the kitchen.

It looks like some of the negative comments may have been deleted by Amy because only a few are still on her post. There’s also a chance the commenters later removed their hurtful comments. Maybe Amy will take fans’ advice and do something different with her hair next time. Or maybe she will just keep doing her own thing and block out the haters.

So, do you agree with the LPBW fans who think Amy Roloff needs to handle her hair? Or do you think it’s not such a big deal after all? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Roloff family.

LPBW: Tori Roloff Says Baby Josiah Doesn’t Need Her Anymore!

LPBW fans are well aware of Tori’s frequent updates on her three children, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah. They have had the opportunity to see little Josiah grow because of her regular Instagram postings.

Since his birth, she has captured many precious events, including the first time he met his elder siblings and his first Christmas. However, not just big and important moments but Tori even shares many little and sweet moments of him.

On the other hand, fans also have shown tremendous love in liking and appreciating her posts. However, despite posting, Tori has even proven her love for her kids by giving them needful care at every stage of their life. But her recent post seems to convey the opposite. It seems that her kids don’t need her anymore. Let’s see what happened.

LPBW: Baby Josiah Doesn’t Need Mom Tori

On January 13, the LPBW star, Tori Roloff, took to her Instagram account and shared a cryptic post about her little son Josiah. In her post, she added a boomerang of Josiah. The sweet baby boy looked adorable as Tori held him in her hand.

He grazes his mother as she captures him. However, in the video, the young Little People Big World star Josiah Luke was seen sucking milk from his bottle. Posting a video, Tori wrote, “It’s fine. I’m just not needed anymore!” al ongside a crying emoji. Well, it’s unclear what exactly Tori was trying to say, but fans have their speculations ready.

They believe that it might be because Josiah is not breastfeeding anymore. However, he has his milk bottle with him, and that compensates for all. And therefore, it is assumed that Josiah does need Tori anymore for his meals.

little people big world LPBW

Josiah has recently hit his milestone. Just like his beauty, his age is also quickly growing. Josiah Luke Roloff has finally turned 8 months old.

However, the young LPBW celeb is soon going to be a year old. However, fans are eagerly waiting for the toddler to gown more adorable. From the day of his birth till now, Tori has never missed a chance to share pictures on his monthly anniversary.

However, along with Josiah, Tori and Zach are also parent to Jackson and Lilah. However, in the month of Halloween, the reality star shared a series of beautiful pictures of all three kids dressed up in Halloween costumes.

Jackson become a firefighter, Lilah wore a Dalmatian costume, whereas Josiah became a cracked egg.

LPBW: Josiah Has Finally Utters His First Word

This week, Tori Roloff posted an amazing update on her eight-month-old baby on her Instagram Stories. She disclosed that he had begun to speak.

The LPBW star was able to record his opening sentence. In the video, Josiah is shown seating at the kitchen table in his high chair. He is eating his meal while chatting to Zach and Tori Roloff, wearing a bib and diaper. The young boy is beaming and appears to be quite happy.

However, while filming the video Tori says “dada,” and Josiah tries to repeat it. The sweet toddler seems to pass her vocabulary test as he exactly tries to imitate his mother. Although the voice did not hear to be clear, his lip sing seems to look perfect.

The mother of three also added a caption that reads, “It’s totally his first word”. Josiah is developing new talents in addition to growing quickly.

Josiah likes experimenting with different foods, according to Tori’s Instagram profile. The LPBW mother recently admitted that he is now sleeping more soundly at night than he did previously.

However, Zach and Tori are preparing their three children for a life without limitations in light of their health issues. Fans may remember Tori’s emotional reaction when she revealed to the cameras that she had miscarried during LPBW Season 22.

Last year, they finally announced that they were having a second child after trying unsuccessfully for months to conceive their rainbow child. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for all latest updates.

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