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A Sister Wives Spinoff? At One Brown Family Member is Pushing For It

A Sister Wives Spinoff? At One Brown Family Member is Pushing For It

As previously reported, Sister Wives Season 18 is already filming.

It’s unclear exactly what upcoming episodes will look like, considering Kody Brown is no longer in a plural marriage because three of his spouses have chosen to walk away… but TLC cameras are rolling.

We’ll find out later in 2023 what this season will entail.

In a YouTube video uploaded on Wednesday, however, Gwendlyn Brown offered up a different Sister Wives-related content idea.

“I think we should have a spinoff series where Janelle and my mom get together,” the 21-year old told her audience, joking that the women should take their close friendship a step further.

“Tell me you don’t love that idea.”

We can’t tell Gwendlyn this.

Because we do love this idea!

Christine, of course, left Kody back in November 2021.

She remained close with Janelle, though, even traveling around the country with her and continuing to work for a shady weight loss company along Janelle’s side.

A few weeks ago, meanwhile, Janelle confirmed that she has also separated from the father of her six kids.

“Sister Wives. It should be called Sister Wives. I’m a f—king genius,” Gwendlyn quipped on YouTube.

Janelle and Christine Party Hard

Gwendyln said she got the idea for the spinoff after watching a clip from Sister Wives in which Janelle revealed how much her friendship with Christine meant to her.

“Christine is front and center in all my memories,” Janelle said on the episode, which was filmed many months ago.

“She was the person who took care of my kids while I worked.

“Christine is as big a part of my world as Kody is.”

Christine told Us Weekly in October 2022 of her dynamic with Janelle:

“She’s come to visit me several times. I have a guest room and she stays in the guest room, and her sister also lives about a half an hour from me.

“So she’ll see her and then she loves seeing [my daughters] Aspyn and Mykelti and the baby and all of it.

“So we’ve gone on a couple of trips together too.”

Janelle said on air in December that she and Kody had been “separated for several months” after they clashed over their children due to Kody’s strict rules during the lockdown.

On January 10, Meri also announced she had ended her relationship with Kody.

After more than a decade of working on our relationship in our own unique ways, we have made the decision to permanently terminate our marriage relationship, the former spouse stated on Instagram.

During this process, we are committed to kindness and respect toward each other and to all members of our family,” concluded the exes today.

We are also committed to the continued healing of any and all relationships with the family so that we can move forward with forgiveness, grace, and love.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Spends Her Birthday With ‘Special Someone’ After Confirming Divorce With Kody

The Sister Wives star Meri Brown has had a platonic marriage for years.

However, in the recent Tell All episode, the entire dynamics of the show changed. Apparently, the lone wolf was abandoned by her husband, leading to the decision to part ways with each other.

Indeed, fans know that it’s been a while since Kody stopped considering Meri, his wife. Hence, after years of disdain finally, the duo parted ways and officially declared it.

Therefore, it seems that the matriarch has finally decided to move on and recently celebrated her birthday with someone special. To know with whom Meri is spending her special days, keep on reading.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Is Sharing Her Day With Someone Special

The Sister Wives star Meri Brown has finally decided to be with people who actually love her. Apparently, fans have witnessed the celeb spend ing decades without love, warmth, and respect.

The most painful moment for her was when she was trying her best to revive her marriage. But without any discussion or mutual understanding, Kody Brown simply disowned her on national television

. Indeed, it was hurtful for her to watch her husband not giving up on wives who simply left him. Yet, he didn’t even give a second chance to Meri.

Hence, after coming out of toxicity and disdain, Meri spent her special day with the people who were closest to her heart. Well, it wasn’t shocking that none of the Browns were invited.

Apparently, Meri took to Instagram and shared a carousel of pictures. This had her rumored love interest cum best friend Blair Michael and her ‘Friday with friends’ partner Jenn.

Apparently, fans know that these two have been the core supporters after the lone wolf’s mother’s tragic passing. The TLC star also wrote a lengthy caption and revealed that her best friends made her 52nd birthday amazing.

Not only this, but fans feel that maybe Meri threw shade at Kody in her caption.

The Sister Wives celeb claimed that when she meets Blair and Jenn, she is reminded of the fact that humanity still exists and people with good hearts are alive.

Many viewers feel that Meri is literally celebrating her ‘rebirth’ with the people who really love and cherish her existence. Undoubtedly, fans were really happy for the mother of one and loaded the comment section with loads of wishes and love.

Sister Wives: Meri Wants To Reconcile With Kody Brown!

The Sister Wives fans know that it wasn’t Meri who left Kody Brown.

Apparently, it was the patriarch who simply disowned her. Hence, the viewers know that if the father of 18 wouldn’t call off his marriage with his first wife.

The matriarch would have never stepped back and would have carried the burden of the decaying dead marriage till the end. Not only this, but the world knows that this divorce was a much-needed thing in her life, but the lone wolf is not able to accept it.

Sister wives

Apparently, Meri had made it clear that she was open to reconciliation with her estranged husband. Yes, you heard it right! The lone wolf is willing to go back and experience more years of disdain and toxicity.

However, Kody has clearly announced that he is simply not interested in reviving his bond with Meri. Ironically, the celeb is running after the wives who are not paying any heed to him.

And is ignoring the one who is ready to accept him. However, fans are happy that finally, the lone wolf isn’t lone anymore and celebrated her 52nd birthday with people who value and respect her.

Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.

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